My first photo series is finally done!

I can’t believe how much work ended up going into making sure these images looked like one series. I think I’ve missed the mark in a few places, but it is my first ever series.

You can read what went into taking the photos for the shoot in ‘Planning my first solo photoshoot‘.

rosie she-cant-fit up-stairs-version2 swirls surveying animal head-down-composite-cropped its-not-up-there offered drawn-in behind-bars reach golden

Model: Rosamund Frost

Assistant: Sian Keen

Photographer: Stevie-Ella Keen

Location: Pergola and Hill Gardens

A lot more went into editing these than I ever expected. A lot more time, more effort, more tweaks and more repeats of Phlearn episodes.

When we were sitting in the pub after the shoot, Rosie asked me what I’d do to the images in Photoshop.

“Not a lot, mostly colour toning I expect. Some cropping maybe.”

The light had been great, Rosie had been great. I knew the images I was excited about while I sipped on a beer. A week maybe, I thought.

It took almost exactly a month. I’d spend all day at work just wanting to get home and finish them. Evenings were spent with Battlestar Galactica on in the background while I edited and ate in front of my computer. I’d realised a few months ago that my attentions had become so divided that I’d been missing completely immersing myself in something, I still need to find a balance, but I think it did me some good.

Leaving what I thought would be my favourite images until last, I started on some I wasn’t sure about, testing out some new techniques. Phlearn released this video almost the same day I started editing and it completely changed my views on those pictures I wasn’t sure about. One has ended up being my favourite.

There are lots of things I’ve learnt from editing and compiling these images, but I’ll save it for another post. I need some sleep…

  • Naomi

    Ahhh these are lovely. Think the second to last is my favourite. And the birds one.

    • StevieKeen

      Thank you!! 🙂

  • Rodney Omeokachie

    well done.