Why Photoshop is so important to me

I used to hear people say that only crap photographers used Photoshop, that it was a way for people to ‘cheat’ their way to a good photograph.

Absolute crap, but you’d hear it.

Thankfully, those people seem to have quietened down a bit. Photoshop still has a bad reputation in someways, to say someone has been ‘photoshopped’ often implies some sort of body modification to comply with unrealistic standards, whether photoshop itself has been used or not. But for me, an often skint photographer, it has been an invaluable tool for creating images that would be too costly for me to produce any other way.

For this image, I didn’t have a lens wide enough, or a stool tall enough or a pool big enough. The fabric barely fit under the model and I had to take numerous shouts to capture her whole body.


Without Photoshop, for me, this image would have been an impossibility.

I’ve still had to learn how to take good photos, but I do take them with Photoshop in mind, thinking about matching lighting for composites and taking multiple images to stitch them together later.

It’s just another tool and another skill.