Photo Locations

Photo location – Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace ruins

I went for the dinosaurs. Created in the 1850s before there was anywhere near as much information on what they would have looked like, they look weird: The one on the top right has his rear on display because a skull for this particular type of dinosaur hadn’t been found, so they just hid his […]

Holland Park – Photo Location


Holland Park is damn pretty. Kyoto Garden in particular is an obvious draw, it’s a beautifully formed Japanese garden. Full of small concrete artifacts, a pond of golden, glinting fish and a rocky waterfall; it’s really worth a visit. Step away from the Whole Foods, the Urban Outfitters and the expensive car dealerships of Kensington […]

Middlesex Filter Beds – Hackney Marshes – Photo Location


The last time I visited Hackney Marshes I was jumping off walls in an attempt to make some levitation photos (I’d just discovered Natsumi Hayashi). I got a bruised bum from slipping over, splinters in my hands and no good pictures, but I kept it in mind as a location. Hackney Marshes aren’t all that […]