Jen Brook – Catching on a dream

“You know who that model is don’t you?” “Um, no” I admitted, “I don’t.” I was at a photography meetup arranged by Brooke Shaden and we were traipsing over to a patch of long, parched grass in the otherwise manicured green of one of London’s Royal Parks. Surrounded by about seventy other photographers, the immediate […]

Brooke Shaden interview – three photos

A year ago I found myself in a beautiful old building, just off Brick Lane, watching Brooke Shaden demonstrate to a small group of us how she creates her images. It was a day of shooting and editing that’s helped me create images I’m so much happier with. What I’ve always loved about Brooke’s images, […]

First published article in Amateur Photographer


I’ve been published before, but I’m really pushing this now. I love writing and I love photography, this is what I need to do. So it feels good to hold my hard work in print.