A lot of likes and figuring out photoshoots

Erm, so it’s autumn. A bit of a wintery autumn, but still, autumn.

I love this time of year; it’s halloween, bonfire night (give me a bonfire over a firework show any day), wool coat, wool tight and furry, fluffy scarf season. But still, where did it come from? Summer only just got into swing right?

Anyway, with the approaching of the end of the year I’ve found my drive to shoot more has amped up and I’m embarking on more organised shoots. I’ve orchestrated shoots with my sister’s friends as models and shot experienced models as part of shoots organised by other people. Now is the time to take those experiences and merge them into something bigger. I’m currently casting for ‘something bigger’ in November, I have a model, wardrobe and make-up artist options, plus the possibility of working with an ethical taxidermist at some point. It’s all exciting and terrifying at the same time.

I’m very aware that I need to produce Good Things from these photoshoots. I’ve produced shots I like from every shoot so far, but I still worry I won’t. But it’s the point now where I have to try.

And as for likes, one of my favourite photos was posted by Dark Beauty Magazine:

goodnight facebook-likes

So it racked up about seven thousand odd likes and drew lots of Dr Who comparisons – the bit I’m most pleased about. I work with social media and I know likes aren’t what they seem, but it’s nice to have that boost sometimes.

And I finally set up my own Facebook page for Stevie-Ella Photography.

This year seems to have set me up well photography-wise, let’s see if I can finish it just as well…