Underwater photography

The idea of taking any of my cameras underwater, even the cheap plastic ones from ebay, scares me.

But I would do it if I could get images like these:

Each image links through to the artist so click to explore. Brooke Shaden (featured above) has some fantastic behind the scenes videos on underwater photography:

Underwater shooting with Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden Underwater Workshop

Soul Images by photographer Oleg Oprisco

I love the idea of a series of Soul Images. When you try to create a photograph that goes beyond the aesthetically pleasing it’s got to come from the soul, and these by photographer Oleg Oprisco demonstrate that:

The colours are beautifully expressive and I’m definitely going to be keeping this image in mind as inspiration:

Oleg Oprisco on Flickr

If you want to know how to get similar colour effects, I’d suggest checking out Phlearn’s video tutorial on Easy Coloring to Make Your Images Amazing

You can see more of Oleg Oprisco’s photography here:

Soul Images by Oleg Oprisco on Behance

Oleg Oprisco’s Flickr photostream

Oleg Oprisco’s Livejournal

Sunday’s postcard

Old postcards are great and I’ve tried to translate this one with Google translate, but between my inability to make out most letters and Google’s struggle to detect the language (Hungarian? Finnish? Dutch?) I’ve only got ‘soul’, ‘mind’ and ‘god’. Annoying as it sounds like an interesting postcard!

I love a cheeky Sunday rummage through old postcards and photos. Most just describe the weather – usually ‘lovely’, so boring – the occasional ‘hope you’re feeling better’, which makes me wonder how many people only got postcards because they were sick. But overall, they’re restrained and refined with beautifully¬†calligraphic¬†handwriting. But dull.

So I’m hunting for a few lines of life really and I’m hoping there are some in the postcard above. Anyone speak Hungarian?