Finding a style

One of the best things you learn when starting out with photography and photoshop is the huge range of things you can do and create. Film, digital, bright and airy, dark and moody, barely retouched, full on composites, painterly, hyper-real etc. And that’s without really considering subject matter.

It’s easy to dive in, face first, trying everything you can find a tutorial for and, honestly, I recommend it.

Some choices have been obvious to me, I tend to gravitate towards portraits and darker images. But otherwise, I’ve floundered a bit. Experimentation is great, but I’m at the point where I need to be a bit more specific with my style choices. Which is surprisingly tough.

Often I’ll have a style idea in my head, but just can’t get it to work. Or I’ll be trying to smoosh together styles that contradict each other (painterly and hyper-real are my own troublesome twosome). Then, eventually, I manage an image that is almost there:

London creative portraiture

There are elements of the image I’m not too keen on, but I like that it looks like a painting and a photo. I think it’s a step towards nailing a more specific style.

I’ll still push my boundaries and experiment, but I don’t want to flail about stylistically.

But there’s also the concern that my style is unique, that it’s mine. Brooke Shaden and Miss Aniela both include painterly as part of their style and as much as I love their work, I don’t want my images to look like theirs. The image above definitely has Miss Aniela influences, but I’m also hoping there are enough differences to make it mine.

I don’t know, how do you judge these things? And do you ever decide on a style or just naturally gravitate towards one? Or is there a third choice, where you never actually get there, you just keep evolving?

Holland Park meetup

Intergrowth by Stevie-Ella Photography

Models: Holly-Rose and Sophie Carefull

This meetup was so cold but so much fun! Somewhere between sixty to eighty of us turned up and scattered across Holland Park, taking pictures of each other. I pushed my way into ferny overgrowth and had my hair styled into an upside down ice cream cone for other people’s pictures and asked similarly bizarre things of fellow photographers. I think that’s my favourite things about these meetups, the other photographers get the odd ideas.

Model: Federica Tenti

Model: Federica Tenti

Wholly intertwined by Stevie-Ella Photography

Model: Holly-Rose

Peasant and the peahen by Stevie-Ella Photography

Model: Federica Tenti


Model: Stephanie Peregrine

Whisp by Stevie-Ella Photography

Model: Federica Tenti

We are eternal, we will not last by Stevie-Ella Photography

Models: Federica Tenti and Stephanie Peregrine

Twinned by Stevie-Ella Photography

Models: Federica Tenti and Stephanie Peregrine

If you remember by Stevie-Ella Photography

Model: Anna Petterle



Sophie Carefull

Federica Tenti

Stephanie Peregrine

Anna Petterle

Hey 2015

We’re only a few months in, but I like 2015.

It was a slow start of duvet dozing with the cat, while pre-recorded tv revellers cheered in the new year. Supplemented with good cheese, tortillas and wine, it was an ok start. Since then, there has been a meetups consisting of laying in cold, forresty fern floors and shooting with photographers whose work I’ve admired for years, literary exhibitions, nights of alcohol and thai food and pink hair dye.

The lovely and talented Sarah Ann Wright invited me to a lakeside photo meetup, where I met people who understand my fascination with fake skulls and any odd paraphernalia that can be creatively repurposed into photography props. There were masks and capes and wands and Harry Potter scarfs. And ideas were more important than gear.

virginia-park-meetup virginia-water-shooting virginia-lake

After a long afternoon of shooting, laughing and chatting we were cold and grubby, but happy.

My aim for this year is at least one shoot a month and so far, it’s going to plan. In January I shot at Crystal Palace park with the lovely Roisin, who I decked out in full vintage. She did a wonderful job and I’m so happy with the images.

we fall at the rise-12


That was followed up by another meetup at Holland Park. I wrote a blog post a while ago about using it as a location but my favourite area was one that was locked away the first time I visited. A courtyard stretched out in front of a grand old house provided a beautiful backdrop with plenty more opportunities to play with the overcast light we had been provided with on the day. Accompanied by a lone Tai Chi practitioner in the background, we shot until our fingers froze and we lost the light.


I’m currently uploading a stash of images from this shoot to my Flickr and a select few will be added to my Facebook page too.

Next, I have two big shoots I’m working on, one has a stylist and possibly a mansion, there other is still just an idea at the moment but if anyone knows any burlesque performers interested in a shoot then drop me a line!